The biggest benefit of counselling

The biggest benefit of counselling

Traditional intelligence or IQ is helpful to us on many occassions. But what we most often do, is use only one aspect of our intelligence – this thing called IQ – which is all about reasoning and problem-solving. But here’s the thing: there is another type of intelligence called “emotional intelligence” or EQ.

EQ basically means, being connected to your body and being able to use our emotions as a valuable source of information and motivation. It’s also about being able to understand other people’s motives and feelings. Emotional intelligence is as important as traditional intelligence.

This is the biggest benefit of counselling.

Counselling and psychotherapy focuses on helping people become aware of feelings and bodily sensations and link these to effective actions. A therapist through their sessions with you will help you build meaning and vitality in your life, by exploring emotional intelligence.

Sindhushri BS
Founder and Therapist - Aware Mental Health

When Sindhushri is not indulging in clinical work, she is seen singing songs with her daughter, exploring board games with her husband, playing sitar with her mother, and creating zentangles during her alone time. 

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