Teenager Support Group

If you are a teenager struggling to deal with life or a concerned parent of an unpredictable teenager, a loving grandparent or a caring friend, reading the above title would have given you a sense of relief. Yes, you have come to the right place to find help for the teenage troubles!

What bothers you with teenage?

If you are a parent:

• Your teenager secludes himself most of the time
• You observe mood swings frequently
• You get no respect for your words
• You get angry reactions
• You see your child succumbing to bad habits
• You can sense unhealthy peer pressure

There is a huge conflict of interest.

If you are a teenager:

• You must be facing a lot of internal and external issues.
• You do not understand how to deal with what you are going through.
• You tend to feel lonelier and cannot find comfort from your close aids like parents, siblings or friends.
• It feels like there is a lot on your plate and you are unable to define your goals.
• You can be having a lot of pressure from your peers who tend to laugh at you for being different from them.
• You may be in a stage of getting influenced by bad habits and do not know how to let it go.

Being a teenager can be tough and challenging.

This list surely can be endless with the number of worries you face at this stage in life. This can be a challenging situation for a teenager and also the parent who is primarily involved with a teenager.

A therapist-led teenage support group solves the problem for both.

If you are a teenager browsing this page, the following blocks of information will give you all the details you need about support groups.

The Teenager phase

Thirteen to nineteen is a key transition period occurring in all human beings. From being a kid thinking about school, play and seeking approval from parents, one tries to enter into the path of independence and freedom. This is the time when physical, psychological and emotional changes happen significantly.

A teenager like you is trying to break the boundaries of childhood to become an adolescent. Puberty comes at the same stage with raging hormones to make difficult feelings harder. You may be susceptible to a variety of influences, comparisons giving rise to lower self-esteem and low self-confidence. Peer pressure can cause addiction, depression and anxiety. Varying interests gives uncertainty about where you want to go. Totally, you may be at a loss about knowing yourself and where life can lead you.

A teenager support can do wonders for you

At a support group, you will have members sailing through the same boat. It will make you realise that you are not the only one handling difficulty at this stage. As a teenager, you will find others who are also at loggerheads with their parents who don’t approve their decisions. You will see that other members also have fluctuating mood days or you might find members who are being bullied by their peers. Some of them may have the exact situation as yours. These offer you so much support in itself!

A support group will be a place for you to open up your feelings. You can vent out freely and share your experiences with the fellow group members. In a group like this, every experience is a learning tool for other members. By sharing your emotions, you make way to get better and help others face their situation.

Therapist’s Role in a Teenager Support Group

Aware’s lead therapist, Sindhu runs the support group. She will be the facilitator of the group, who understands all your problems and hard feelings. Her specialisation in each and every aspect of your difficulty makes it easier for you to communicate with her. During the group sessions, your therapist will offer a lot of tools and techniques to help you handle yourself better at various tough situations of your life.

It will be filled with fun tools, role playing and many more interesting strategies that will go on to help you practise the skills taught by the therapist with other group members. It will make you build your resilience to face the actual situation outside of the group sessions. You can discuss how each tool worked for you in the upcoming sessions and also hear from others. A teenager group is a place to learn about yourself and make friends for life.

A few benefits of a Teenager Support Group

• Effective communication skills
• Revival of self-esteem and self-confidence
• Improved self –worth
• Improved body image
• Acquired skills of drawing boundaries

I need to understand more on this

If you need more information on this, you can have a call with your therapist. She will brief you about how well the support groups function for the teenager phase that you are in right now. You can learn how each members are selected for a particular group and how it is a complete safe place for you to open up and discuss your troubles with the therapist and other group members. 

To know more in general about what exactly support groups are, click on this link to know more.

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