Handling Stress, Tension and Concentration Problems with Therapy & Counselling

The current era is a period of stress and tension. The changing work culture and progression of countries lead to increased expectations on the individuals leading to stress and tension. In a city like Bengaluru, traffic adds to the chaos making way for extra stress troubles. Sometimes, it reaches the threshold to burst into other illnesses like heart problems, mental health issues like anxiety and depression, diabetes, etc.

Timely recognition of stress and tension can provide healthy coping strategies to manage them without causing additional damage to the body and mind. Stress and tension can also lead to concentration and recollection problems in many individuals due to pressurized situations. Therapy and counselling at the initial stages turn out beneficial and useful.

We can consider the following examples:

You have a good job at hand. You are ready to work an extra hard to finish your tasks and learn the required skills. However, what you observe is your boss has narcissist qualities which troubles you a lot. Your colleagues and you do not sync up well making your situation worse than ever. Even though you want to stay on the job, these things make you think of quitting. The pressure that is created due to this leads to stress. This is a typical work-related stress.

You are newly married to a good partner. When you are thinking of a meaningful marital life, there are issues popping up with your in-laws. This matter is straining your relationship with your husband and there is no peace of mind at home. There is no possibility of living in a nuclear setup and no question of divorce. This is a typical personal life stress.

Your life has sailed smoothly and you have learned to cope up with stress and tension caused by work or personal life. Some days you realize, your concentration levels are dipping and you cannot focus easily. You also notice you cannot recollect something quickly. Lack of concentration and recollection problems are sometimes derivative of higher stress levels in life.

How do Stress and Tension occur?

When there is a lot of external pressure on you, the body produces the stress hormone called ‘cortisol’ along with adrenaline. These actually prepare you to escape from the situation like in fear or phobia. When there is no route to evade from the pressurizing situation, the stress response builds up with an increased level of cortisol.

Sometimes, when the situation calms down, cortisol signals the brain to relax. At some extreme cases, cortisol doesn’t send signals to the brain which does not allow the body or mind to relax. This perhaps becomes the reasons for health issues due to prolonged stress and tension.

How does the Therapist help in Stress Management?

Therapy at Aware is grounded in strong scientific evidence-based therapy approaches. The expertise is in process-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The specialty of these approaces is that it contains valuable tools and techniques followed by experiential and powerful meaningful exercises to help you with your unique situations. It has proven results on stress and tension issues.

Initially, your therapist will conduct a detailed evaluation of your case and makes an overall assessment. Once it is done, you and the therapist sit together to map a plan on how to deal with stress and tension related circumstances occurring in your life.

For the work and personal stress, your therapist helps you figure out your core values of what kind of a person you want to be at work and personal life. When you have figured out the true values that matter to you, you can work on a number of tools and techniques to help you navigate the challenging times at work or personal life.

You and your counsellor can brainstorm different ideas to come up with healthy coping strategies. Like for example, if you have to deal with a demanding boss, therapy session will involve you in a role-play wherein you learn a lot about being assertive and make your viewpoints clear to your boss. The therapist also provides you with soothing exercises to calm your body and mind while you are in a stress triggering situation.

All the tools and techniques taught to you by the therapist becomes a powerful source for you to utilize them when the scenarios get tough at a workplace or at personal life.

How does the Therapist help in Concentration and Recollection problems?

During the first session, your therapist can determine whether your issues with concentration and recollection are pertaining to stress or age-related problem. Based on the conclusion, different tools and techniques from CBT will be taught to you.

These tools aim to increase your attention span and several exercises to improve the brain plasticity will be introduced to you. If the problem is clearly related to age, then the therapist along with useful exercises helps you accept the changes in your body and make room for it.

What are the results of counselling on stress, tension, concentration, and recollection problems?

  • Healthy coping strategies
  • Improved communication skills
  • The relaxed state of mind
  • Improved concentration and recollection
  • Understanding true values that matter in life
  • Sense of purpose and fulfillment

Will the Therapy and Counselling sessions will be limited to talking?

Not at all! Talking and interacting with the individual will be clubbed with learning a lot of experiential tools along with mindfulness exercises in all the sessions. ACT and CBT methodology go beyond just talking or advising on the individual’s problems.

What if sessions are not affordable?

At Aware, the belief is firm in making counselling/therapy affordable to everyone to improve the mental health of individuals in our country.

The tools and techniques given to you at the sessions help you manage yourself and make you less worried about dealing with it. Every bit of the session will be structured in a way to suit your individual issues and offer lifelong benefits of taking counselling/therapy.

What if I cannot attend sessions when I am away?

We live a life of busy bees. In this era, work and family call for a lot of travelling. Your counsellor will be available to take distance sessions in your preferred medium like an online session or a telephonic session.

This way your therapy sessions are always consistent and do not give you a break in between. Maintaining good consistency plays a very important role in providing fruitful results to your existing problems. 

Have more questions running in your mind?

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“I can live with everyone as what I want is clear to me. I can relax and deal with my situation effortlessly. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm that that does wonders to me. I can see life from a new perspective and breathe easy.”

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