Panic attacks and Panic disorder

Let us read the story of Preetham, a 27 year old software engineer who travelled frequently on flights to work related projects.

“I had to go to London to finish up a project. I boarded a flight from Mumbai and landed at Heathrow. The airport had become familiar with around 5 visits by that time. I was walking towards the exit when suddenly, I noticed I was not feeling comfortable. There was a choking feeling in the throat and my heart raced faster than ever. My legs trembled without control and I couldn’t understand what was happening with me. I wondered if I was about to have a massive heart attack. I escorted myself to a nearby chair and a few minutes later I calmed down.”

A typical story of a panic attack goes the same way as above. Panic attacks happen without a single warning at any place or time. It causes intense stress and anxiety at the moment of occurrence. People experiencing panic attacks become vulnerable and develop fear in stepping out of their comfort zones. Looking for safety and thinking of escaping strategies from the panic triggering situations become a routine.

Did you correlate with the panic attack story?

If your answer was a yes, the first thing you must know to make yourself feel better is that there are several panic attack stories in the world. It behaves exactly the same way with everyone in different circumstances. It is indeed common than you think and many people experiencing panic attacks are sailing in the same boat as you are.

The fact that panic attacks occur in many offers may be offering some relief and solace to your worried mind. In fact knowing your story of a panic episode provides comfort to those who have newly gone through the terrifying ordeal. Many just wish that they had known this earlier when they were diagnosed with a panic disorder.

If you felt lonely all these days, time to relax and take a deep breath.

How will the therapy/counselling sessions work for a panic disorder?

The first step the therapist takes is to help you understand the way your body responds to difficult situations. The body produces adrenaline during a fearful event to prepare you to escape from the danger that has encountered you. The response shown by the body like the racing heart or the sweaty palms are the signs of warning for you to take an action to get rid of the risk. This is known as the flight or fight response.

The same response appears when there is a panic attack. However, during a panic attack it is the false alarm triggered inside the body that petrifies you. The scare that accompanies the panicky episode causes tension and anxiety and pushing away the intense symptoms leave you exhausted. Your therapist helps you in identification of the trigger points and as the therapy progresses you will get better in dealing with panic.

Third-wave Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with an emphasis on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) practised by your therapist at Aware, has scientifically proven experiential exercises to accompany you to apply during your tough times with the panic attacks. You learn to recognise the onset of a panic attack and slowly let it pass with time. As you get a hold on the techniques taught by the therapist, you will feel better and begin to live a fuller life.

What are the effective results of Panic Disorder after Therapy sessions?

• Working with panic attacks more effectively 
• Reduced stress and anxiety related to panic attacks
• Feeling at ease while facing a panic triggering event
• Facing the panic situation with increased confidence
• Return of normal day to day activities

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