Counseling & Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Read the below statements and tick to the ones you relate to:

• You have the urge to frequently wash your hands for the fear of germs and contamination
• You want your things to be neat, systematically organised or in a particular order
• You can’t stop checking if your main door is locked
• You clear your throat every now and then
• You dust and clean your home repeatedly
• You seem to have no control on certain behaviours

If you ticked to any one of the following, it’s completely understandable how difficult it must have been for you to repeat the same behaviours again and again. You know that it is causing you exhaustion but you really cannot control repeating the actions once again. You were compelled to take the same action to relieve yourself of the stress and anxiety caused by your distressing intrusive thoughts.

Yes, it is how OCD behaves with you. It takes a larger chunk of your time making you to do the same tasks until you get into a stage where you cannot stop even if you want to. The recurring unreasonable thoughts are called obsessions, and repetitive actions called compulsions to give the name – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

OCD is faced by many

When you are affected by OCD, you may think you are the unfortunate one. You must also have heard your family members or friends making fun of you for your behaviour. You would have probably gone on to think you are stuck up with something unusual. However, the reality is more than a million OCD cases are reported in a year in India. In fact, OCD is a common disorder affecting children, adolescents and adults all over the world.

There is no conclusive reason for what causes OCD. There are certain risks for developing OCD such as genetics and environmental factors. People with parents or siblings suffering from OCD may likely develop OCD. Or if someone has experienced abuse or trauma in childhood, may have the possibility of the problem.

Overcome OCD with Counselling & Therapy

A well-trained therapist specialising in OCD counselling will be able to help you cope with the difficulty of OCD. Therapy at Aware is based on Acceptance & Commitment Therapy called as ACT which is the latest form of therapy under the umbrella of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It has all the tools and techniques to help your situation get better. You will be taught several experiential exercises to deal with your OCD troubles and manage your life better.

The therapist will assess your problem by evaluating you in detail. She will explain to you the process that she would adopt in approaching your particular problem. This way you will know what you can expect when you start your counselling for OCD. After you finish a couple of therapy sessions, you would undoubtedly notice changes in your life. You would have started to incorporate the techniques when OCD shows up and make space for other aspects of your life.

I am not sure if OCD therapy will help me

It is definitely the right question popping in your mind. OCD would have made you repeat actions so much that, you may have already felt no control over yourself. In that kind of a situation, it would be difficult for anyone to trust another process to help them.

The best way to gain confidence in therapy is by meeting the counsellor and experiencing the approach yourself. Once you begin the sessions, you will understand your therapist is empathetic and non-judgmental towards your OCD issue. This opens up a lot of hope in your life. By the end of two sessions with the therapist, your doubts about therapy will fade away.

The commitment you show towards welcoming a change will help you navigate the difficulties of OCD. Your therapist will support and guide you through this and make your world a better place.

What if OCD Therapy Sessions are not affordable?

At Aware, the belief is firm in making counselling/therapy affordable to everyone to improve the mental health of individuals in our country.

The tools and techniques given to you at the sessions help you manage your OCD to a great and make you less worried about dealing with it. Every bit of the session will be structured in a way to suit your individual issues and offer lifelong benefits of taking counselling/therapy.

What if I cannot attend sessions when I am away?

We live a life of busy bees. In this era, work and family call for a lot of travelling. Your therapist will be available to take distance sessions in your preferred medium like an online session or a telephonic session.

This way your OCD sessions are always consistent and do not give you a break in between. Maintaining good consistency plays a very important role in providing fruitful results to your existing problems.

What can I expect at the end of OCD Therapy?

These are some of the end results you can expect from the anxiety counselling/therapy sessions:

• You get better at handling the recurring thoughts
• You learn to treat difficult sensations or feelings that arise out of OCD with lots of love and compassion
• You will learn to handle yourself better and work towards the person you want to be

Have more questions running in your mind?

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“I am in charge of myself. I can change for the better. I can enjoy a holistic life where there is freedom. I can embrace everything in my life. The hope has come back for me live and love. I am more confident than ever.”

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