Counselling & Therapy for LGBTQ

“At 14, I observed having unusual feelings of looking at boys in my classroom. When my other friends talked about their crushes on girls, I was in no mood to listen. My thoughts revolved around good-looking boys and I slowly came into the realization that I was gay. I couldn’t tell anyone until I found my partner when I was 25.” – Peter

“I had a clear inclination towards dressing up as a man. I never liked girly dressing styles. I wore trousers and shirts and had a short haircut. I found no interest in make-up. I also felt more like a man, I never wanted to be called a woman.” – Sarah

“I understood that I was a lesbian when clearly I was in love with my best friend. I was afraid to tell her fearing I would lose her. One day, when I confessed my love to her, she shattered my world by verbally abusing me. I thought that was the end for me, after that I had no guts to come out and open up about my true identity.” – Simran

The individuals from the LGBTQ community often face the fear of stigma and discrimination from society resulting in mental health issues. The confusion in identification of their sexual orientation, inability to find support from family and friends coupled with lack of self-acceptance create a lonely environment and challenging situations in their everyday lives. In fact, research suggests that LGBTQ individuals get into drug and alcohol addiction, self-harm troubles and develop suicidal thoughts more in comparison to their non-LGBTQ peers.

The probability of suffering from anxiety, depression and stress-related problems become higher while dealing with difficult situations in the society.

Seeking Therapy by LGBTQ is Common

Due to lack of awareness, the immediate family members and friends think having a different sexual orientation or a sexual identification is a sign of an illness. Rushing the individuals to a psychiatrist or seeking spiritual help to set right things to happen immediately as someone comes out with their true identity.

Many individuals suffer alone when their close circle judge and treat them differently when they express their feelings on sexuality. Getting pushed into isolation and humiliation by the trusted people, LGBTQ individuals fall into anxiety and depression along with lowered self-esteem and self-confidence.

Since most of the LGBTQ individuals go through similar phases, seeking therapy is common amongst the community to get required help from the counsellors. If you or your friend is undergoing a tough phase, you will receive support and coping strategies with the counsellor or a therapist.

How Therapy & Counselling works for LGBTQ?

Firstly, therapy at Aware for LGBTQ individuals is undertaken by your therapist who has immense experience working with the community. It becomes an important criterion where your therapist needs to be well-aware of the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals. An understanding and an empathetic therapist gives out a strong message of hope that the individuals have a support system that they can rely on.

You therapist in the initial session will conduct a detailed assessment of the individual collecting every information that is needed to plan the counselling sessions. Once the evaluation is made based on the information shared, the exact problem bothering the individual will be traced out.

The issue can come out in the form of anxiety, depression, trauma, isolation, gender dysphoria, confusion in sexual orientation, abandonment, abuse, etc. Once the issue is figured out, you therapist will help you with a structure that has room for freer exploration to address the individual’s problems. This plan will have the goals of the person seeking therapy with respect to tackling their troubles.

Therapy at Aware consists of third-wave Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) with a special emphasis on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which has proven effective to the needs of the LGBTQ individuals. The step by step processes walks the individual through the nature of the mind and teaches several tools and techniques which comes handy during a difficult situation.

Gradually, with the help of the therapy tools and techniques, and effective exercises to handle anxiety, fear, depression or isolation, challenges will get better. Clearly, one can observe improved self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of higher self-awareness. There will be substantial improvement in communication skills of the individuals which becomes important while dealing with people who do not comprehend this normal and natural scenario.

Will the Therapist be judgmental about the LGBTQ’s situation?

Your therapist is known to be empathetic towards her clients. She has worked with LGBTQ clients in India and abroad which has exposed her to the current conditions and general challenges of the community. Individuals can be assured to be in a safe place which is non-judgmental, warm and confidential.

Will the Therapy sessions be productive for LGBTQ individuals?

At Aware, therapy sessions provide fruitful results for the individuals. The therapist’s experience with varied clients and depth of knowledge in psychotherapy surely works well with the individuals who seek therapy. The investment in the therapy sessions will offer lifetime value for the commitment of individuals in improving themselves.

What if I cannot attend sessions when I am away?

We live a life of busy bees. In this era, work and family calls for lot of travelling. Your therapist/counsellor will be available to take distance sessions in your preferred medium like an online session or a telephonic session.

This way your therapy sessions are always consistent and does not give you a break in between. Maintaining a good consistency plays a very big role in providing fruitful results to your existing problems.

Need more information on this?

If you need more information on this, you can have a chat with your therapist. She will brief you about how well the therapy functions for the LGBTQ population.

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