Support Group for Sleep Struggles

The lights are switched off and the house goes quiet in a jiffy. The cozy quilts are wrapped around your children and spouse. They have slipped into a deep sleep in a moment. You already hear their breathing rhythm. You stare at the ceiling fan and wait. Your sleep hasn’t arrived yet.

Sleep struggles are hard to deal with. Sleep is crucial for the normal functioning of human bodies and the importance of quality sleep in a day cannot be dismissed. However, some people like you get into trouble of falling asleep or disturbed sleep or no sleep at all. This can have an effect on the next day mornings when you start to feel drowsy, restless and fatigued.

Why am I struggling to sleep?

The reasons for sleep struggles vary from person to person. It can have direct links with your mental health or physical health and probably your lifestyle choices too. The most common reasons for sleep struggles can be:

• Being under a lot of stress
• Depression
• Feelings of anxiety and worry
• Over-excitement
• Recent traumatic experience
• Variation in circadian rhythm
• Chronic pain or illness

The reasons may be different for one person to another. However, the struggle for falling into sleep can be very daunting for every individual. Constantly tossing and turning on the bed to catch up the much-needed rest for the day and failing to sleep makes one totally exhausted. You may start to wonder whether you could really fall asleep one day.

My struggle to sleep is a lonely journey

Yes, it looks like a lonely journey when you have no one around you to witness your sleep struggles. Others are sleeping but you are sleepless and trying to kill time. A sleeping pill also doesn’t seem to do the trick for you. You are alone engrossed in the matter of worry that disturbs your sleep. The time looks to have stuck at one point.

All you have to know at this difficult time is that you are not alone. There might be people near you who are struggling to sleep every night just like you. They too think they are alone in the quest to conquer their peaceful sleep. Now is the time to support each other and help one another navigate through the common sleep struggle.

Support Group for Sleep Struggles

The therapist-led support group for sleep struggles at Aware is where you can meet individuals with similar troubles. It will be a platform to discuss your worries on sleep deprivation and slowly discover the actual reason for what is causing the lack of sleep in you.

It can be underlying anxiety or fear or sadness that you may not have understood on your own. When you talk to other group members on a similar issue, you will understand how the struggle has been tough for them too. Lack of sleep might have caused heart damage or led them to get into alcohol or sleeping pills addiction. All in all, this might have increased their inability to sleep well.

When you hear the stories from other group members, you will start to receive and give support to each one of them. This, in turn, will make you feel less lonely than before knowing that you have people with you.

The Therapist’s presence in the Support group

Your Therapist is an expert in the field of psychology causing sleep struggles in individuals. She will be the listening ear when all the group members are discussing their troubles about sleep. She can help you to pinpoint what is causing you the problem and how you can deal with it.

Your therapist will help you learn a very good number of tools to relax your body and mind. She will make you understand how despite having an issue, you can learn to use the tools and slowly take charge of what happens in your mind. The more supported and relaxed you feel, the closer you get to getting a good night’s sleep.

You will see that the therapist will involve all the group members to practice the tools and exercises in front of her and keeps a check on the progress of the group. By the end of all the group sessions, you observe that you have become better at falling asleep.

I need to understand more about this

If you need more information on this, you can have a call with our therapist. She will brief you about how well the support groups function for the sleep-depriving individuals. You can learn how each members are selected for a particular group and how it is a completely safe place for you to open up and discuss your troubles with the therapist and other group members.

Yes, you can slumber like a baby yet again.

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Call +91 86603 88394 to book your spot for the sleep support group.
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Get in touch

Call +91 86603 88394 to book your spot for the sleep support group.
*This support group is currently not running

If you would like to book a spot online instead, please click here: