Anxiety Management with Counselling & Therapy

Have you experienced any of the statements below?

  • Avoiding certain situations which makes you scared, anxious or worried
  • Noticing certain unpredictable bodily sensations like racing heart, trembling legs or sweating palms
  • You seemed to be getting tensed to do activities which you were comfortable earlier. Like driving, exercising, being in a crowd or simply talking to someone new
  • Repeated thoughts that something might happen to you like failure or an accident or death

If you said yes to any of the above situations, you must have been worried already that these things are happening to you. When the experience is in the form of physical signs as mentioned above in point 2 and it all seemed overwhelming with no logical reason whatsoever, you probably rushed to your family doctor as soon as you could to discuss about your symptoms. Then after a detailed check-up, your doctor ruled out any underlying physical health problems and helped you identify the problem as ‘anxiety’.

Even if you didn’t go through this experience of uncomfortable physical symptoms, the other signs of anxiety can equally be daunting, especially when they are always accompanying you. Frequent thoughts of getting into danger or constant thoughts of worry can take a toll on your peace of mind. The first step towards taking a step in addressing your anxiety is to meet a counsellor/therapist who is an expert in Anxiety Management.

Anxiety need not be a lonely journey

When you get symptoms that are difficult to handle, the first question that crosses your mind is – ‘Why Me?’ You seem to notice people around you who look extremely confident in their work or lifestyle. This perhaps, makes you feel you are the only one suffering from this kind of a problem.

The real truth about anxiety is it is common for all. It is very much a part of our body and mind. Like how all the organs are needed in each of one of us for proper functioning of our bodies, anxiety is crucial for human existence. It is a gift given by nature to help us identify and deal with dangerous situations that may arise in our lives. Without anxiety, humans or any other living beings would have been dead sooner than needed.

Your mind might be asking you questions like – ‘if this is so normal for all, then why am I facing so much difficulty in handling these symptoms and why is it coming in higher intensities for me?’ What you are thinking makes absolute sense – your thought process is undoubtedly right! It gets very tough to handle anxiety when it comes in higher intensities. There is no clear explanation for why anxiety occurs in higher intensities for certain individuals like you. Possible reasons might be genetics, psychological make-up or traumatic experiences in life.

Manage Anxiety with a therapist

Life which seemed normal gets changed into a bumpy ride when you suffer from anxiety. It may pull you back from doing many routine activities and it may just keep you stuck. When life throws such challenging situations in front you, an expert counsellor can come to your rescue to bring you back to the kind of normalcy you want.

An anxiety therapist addresses your issues and symptoms one by one, giving you an incredible assessment of what you are going through. You will receive unconditional support from the counsellor to slowly deal with your symptoms. You will understand the science behind anxiety and incrementally get better at handling yourselves when anxiety triggers at any given situation.

One of the latest evidence-based therapies is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, also called as ACT. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a new form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is the gold standard for treating anxiety issues. This therapeutic approach has all the tools and techniques to help your situation get better. These tools are in the form of several interesting experiential exercises, deep breathing techniques and other useful behavioural repertoire.

When you meet your counsellor and finish a couple of sessions with her, you will start noticing positive changes in you. You will slowly begin to believe in your abilities to carry out the activities which always felt at ease for you. Anxiety counselling gives back the hope you had lost when anxiety began taking control of you. Now, with the help of counselling you will find ways to get better at taking charge of your own life without letting anxiety be the dictator of your life.

You will definitely begin to think like this -

I think I am improving. I am much better than before to handle my anxiety issues. I really think anxiety counselling is helping me.

What if Anxiety Counselling/Therapy does not help me?

This is one of the most common FAQs that a therapist receives! When anxiety issues arise in an individual like you, it can look gigantic. It is the only thing hampering your everyday life engulfing you in anxiousness and nervousness. You seem sceptical to give it a try thinking it may not be helpful for you.

Another important reason which makes you disbelieve in therapy are the facts on anxiety which your therapist will tell you. For example: Anxiety helps you survive, it is our brain’s fight-flight-freeze response. Hearing to facts like this can make it seem like therapy is not useful, since you have been terrified with the symptoms you experienced, it can feel unusual to look at anxiety as a helpful aspect. Slowly and steadily with consistent help and guidance from the therapist, you will start to trust the process.

Actual reason which makes all the difference to your life is the commitment you show to welcome a good change in your life. Lack of commitment makes you hard to believe that anything can make a difference to you. All you need to do is meet the counsellor to change your perspective on the effectiveness of anxiety management with therapy. You can start to leave your worries about anxiety when you embrace counselling/therapy from the bottom of your heart. Rest assured, you will get your results.

What if Anxiety Management Sessions are not affordable?

Aware firmly believes in making counselling affordable to everyone to improve the mental health of individuals in our country.

The tools and techniques given to you during the sessions will help you manage your anxiety in such a way that you get less and less worried about dealing with it. Every bit of the session will be structured in a way to suit your individual issues and offer lifelong benefits of seeking therapy.

What if I cannot attend sessions when I am away?

We live a life of busy bees. In this era, work and family calls for a lot of travelling. The advantage is that you will be able to take distance sessions in your preferred medium like an online session or a telephonic session.

This way your anxiety management sessions are always consistent and does not give you a break in between. Maintaining a good consistency plays a very big role in providing fruitful results to your existing problems.

What can I expect at the end of Anxiety Management Therapy?

These are some of the end results you can expect from the anxiety counselling:

  • You get better at recognising the triggering factors of anxiety
  • You learn to treat difficult sensations or feelings that arise out of anxiety with lots of love and compassion
  • You visibly become very good at carrying your tasks to lead a normal life

Have more questions running in your mind?

You can WhatsApp at +918660388394 or email at to briefly talk about the issues bothering you the most. You can also shoot any questions to clarify your doubts to take up counselling/therapy.

Your thoughts may seem like this now -

My anxiety is silent. You wouldn’t notice a change on the outside but I am honestly so stressed that I cannot carry out simple tasks. People call me lazy when in reality, I’m just overwhelmed.

Your investment of time in therapy for anxiety can change your thoughts to -

My anxiety is not bad. I can handle it more effectively and live the kind of life I want. It is no longer getting in the way of doing things that matter to me.

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